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I really don't understand it. As a business owner there are many challenges and opportunities that hit you daily. Some people call dealing with the challenges as 'fire fighting'. Normal day to day operational failures, personnel concerns and client service issues can take up your day. With 20+ years experience of running complex businesses in the corporate travel environment I understand. Having worked through 9/11, Qantas grounding their entire fleet, horrendous weather events, staff bereavement, customer unrealistic demands etc. I get it. You still need to focus on a strategy to defend, grow and position your business for the future. If you don't you'll stand still or even worse, fail. Tod

2 day - advanced presentation training - Sydney & Melbourne

We are conducting two-day advanced presentation training courses in September 2019 for the travel industry. Feedback on this course; "Congratulations Richard, you tested me, stretched my brain and had my full engagement throughout the content of your programme yesterday. I am in the office this morning & one of the ‘head honcho’s’ has their door open; they are on the phone and I can determine that the content of their conversation is similar to examples we had yesterday. There are a lot of ‘buts’, so’s, um’s and of course that word ‘actually’ has surfaced. Last night I performed an impromptu sandwich sell on my wife. She did not see what I had done I felt so good in achieving this. My collea

Know the buyer

It doesn't matter what you are trying to sell, unless you understand how the buyer then you are at a massive disadvantage. Changing Times is proud to be a partner in promoting this amazing new programme developed and delivered by a procurement professional that any and all sales & marketing teams should consider. Also your account management team needs to appreciate how their interaction with the client can dramatically improve the relationship. Here is the Program Overview There’s a good chance that corporate procurement is a key audience for your sales and account management teams. How well do they understand them? Let’s face it, at times procurement can be challenging to work with. If the

Travel Industry Mentor Experience

Changing Times is a proud supporter of TIME and has mentored three travel industry professionals through this awesome not-for-profit career development offering. At a recent event our founder, Richard, was asked to deliver a 50 minute session around leadership. It was an interactive session and as a result of the workshop there is now a closed user LinkedIn Group for the attendees to further their leadership questions, challenges and networking. If your business or specific team require a focused training make sure you contact us for a confidential chat. Here are a few of the comments from the session; This was the most engaging speaker so far. I could keep listening to his presentation . Th

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