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Planning a seminar or conference?

Please don't deliver another boring and predictable conference or brain storming session. If you've been asked to put together a sales conferences, team building event, strategy think-tank day or customer focused market research day, make sure you give us a call. Changing Times provides professional, engaging and subject matter expertise for travel, tech and tourism related events. Our engagement will maximise your ROI for senior management, account management, sales team and all areas of your business. If you're looking to deliver a prospect and client event we can also ensure your brand is recognised as the market leader in your segment. Whether you need a facilitator, specific session or

Know the buyer

It doesn't matter what you are trying to sell, unless you understand how the buyer then you are at a massive disadvantage. There is an amazing new programme developed and delivered by a procurement professional that any and all sales & marketing teams should consider. Also your account management team needs to appreciate how their interaction with the client can dramatically improve the relationship. Here is the Program Overview There’s a good chance that corporate procurement is a key audience for your sales and account management teams. How well do they understand them? Let’s face it, at times procurement can be challenging to work with. If their hopes, drivers and secret fears are better

Troovo - robotic processing automation

Thank you to Citi for involving Troovo to present at their awesome customer event in Sydney. The Future of Commercial Card payments 2019 was the overall topic. With MYOB and Mastercard also involved it made for a very inclusive education session. One of the many values of Troovo is the smart rules engine that connects the different ERP and solutions to deliver frictionless processing and enable Virtual Credit Card payments. For further insight into how processing efficiencies and virtual payments are being enhanced check out

Changing jobs

Over the past few weeks we have received a significant number of requests for our mentor program from people who are in the process of looking for or have been successful in securing a new job. At certain stages of your career there comes a time when you make a BIG decision. Most of us change jobs quite a few times in our working life however there is that massive change somewhere along the road. It might be an internal promotion you've been working on for ages, a change within the travel industry or you've reached a milestone birthday and NOW is the time to act. Making the right impression from the application process, interview(s) and especially in the first 4-8 weeks of the new role is vi

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