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Business coaching - map out the future of your company

I've always respected people who had the courage, conviction and desire to set-up their own business. The risks can be massive and the benefits not always realised. At a recent conference I was asked why I set-up Changing Times after being involved with Voyager Travel for over ten years. Well my reason wasn't a business one, mine was very personal - my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and it took a millisecond to decide I wanted / needed to be her 'gofer & chauffeur' Yes I am a man and I can't multi-task too many things so it was an easy decision. Being a Managing Director travelling round Asia almost weekly wouldn't allow me to be there for my wife as and when she would need me. I am s

Planning your seminar or conference for 2019?

Although the end of the year may seem a while off there has been a big interest in setting dates for 2019 sales conferences, team building, strategy think-tank events and customer focused market research days. Changing Times provides professional, engaging and subject matter expertise for travel related events. Whether you need a facilitator, specific session or full event preparation make sure you discuss your needs with us. Whatever your aim for the conference and desired outcomes we are sure Changing Times can help you maximise the ROI. Changing Times has delivered successful seminars globally and with our true global expertise Contact us for a confidential chat now.

Changing jobs

Over the past few weeks we have received a significant number of requests for our mentor program from people who are in the process of looking for or have been successful in securing a new job. At certain stages of your career there comes a time when you make a BIG decision. Most of us change jobs quite a few times in our working life however there is that massive change somewhere along the road. It might be an internal promotion you've been working on for ages, a complete change of industry or you've reached a milestone birthday and NOW is the time to act. Making the right impression from the interview process and especially in the first 4-8 weeks of the new role is vital. It sets you up, d

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