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Travel procurement assistance

Blockchain? NDC? Virtual payments? AI? Over the last 18 months we have been engaged by numerous corporate and university procurement teams to add subject matter expertise. In case you’re considering reviewing your travel program, preparing for tendering the services of the travel management company or looking for a greater insight of travel technology please be aware of the services Changing Times provide; Our business has unrivalled knowledge of the travel ecosystem, suppliers and new tech in the Australian and global landscape We do NOT run travel tenders therefore have zero bias towards any suppliers - our aim is to provide corporate specific advice and strategic planing Whether you need

8 minute meeting

At work the day can disappear through meaningless, long, boring, unstructured and tiresome internal meetings. Also how many of you have your working day interrupted by colleagues for non-urgent questions of chats? Business is evolving at such a pace that you can't afford to waste time and you need to focus on customer value added solutions. Things have to change. One simple and extremely effective innovation is the 8 minute meeting. This short, sharp, structured and simple idea really does make a vast difference in saving time. Whether you organise this daily, three times a week or weekly it doesn't matter - whatever best suits your team and objectives. Here's one real life use - a business

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