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Sales training day

– in the evolving travel industry learn how to sell technology, build trust and succeed. This interactive day will allow the attendees to gain confidence in how they sell technology whether it is your core solution, an App, third-party offering or a start-up. Some key benefits; Learn how to engage and deliver value Improve how you present your technology Understand how to differentiate your solution in a crowded market Become a trusted partner for your client Build confidence in how you deliver complex features In a positive environment you will benefit from peers & networking Who will benefit from the day? Business development from TMC’s and travel technology companies Hotel sales who are e

Planning your seminar or conference for 2019?

Although the end of the year may seem a while off there has been a big interest in setting dates for 2019 sales conferences, team building, strategy think-tank events and customer focused market research days. Changing Times provides professional, engaging and subject matter expertise for travel related events. Whether you need a facilitator, specific session or full event preparation make sure you discuss your needs with us. Whatever your aim for the conference and desired outcomes we are sure Changing Times can help you maximise the ROI. Changing Times has delivered successful seminars globally and with our true global expertise Contact us for a confidential chat now.

Is anyone really happy with the travel management company tender process?

The average travel management company (TMC) tender process requires a two week pre-tender period for procurement to collate internal feedback, desires, operational requirements, company goals and gauge the businesses appetite for challenging current processes. Once a request for tender document has been put together it is released to known TMC’s for them to spend four weeks cramming their answers into the document, which may be an excel sheet, online document or a simple word document. Then they wait. For the lucky few a call or email will come inviting them to a presentation where they can try to impress the key travel category influencers within the company. Sound familiar? The basic proce

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