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Story telling is the pathway to improved sales & client engagement

Once upon a time........... is the start to many wonderful children stories that thrill, captivate and excite children of all ages. If you have the ability to tell a story in a way that paints pictures, takes the listener on a journey, gains empathy and enables people to trust you then you can be a top sales person. It's not only the sales person that needs such a skill-set as story telling. A motivational leader, relationship building account manager, results driven team leader and customer focused consultant will all succeed if they can improve their story telling ability. Further understanding of sandwich selling (no not a ham & tomato sandwich!!), alternative closing and how to NEVER use

Business coaching to gain an unfair advantage

Changing Times is passionate about helping, mentoring, coaching and training people in the travel industry so they can maximise their potential and opportunities. We now have a tried & tested business coaching and mentoring program to help owners maximise their situation. If you are a small business owner you may have passion, drive and certain skill-sets however it can be lonely and at times scary. This is where our expertise can help you. With over 20 years travel business knowledge we can help you with aspects like sales, marketing, social media, staff leadership, growth, planning and if you plan to sell your business we have first hand experience to help guide you. Recent business owner

SOLD OUT! Presentation and Engagement training day - London - and a new date has been added!

We are running our full day training courses on Monday 24 February and Friday 28 February in central London. BOTH DAYS ARE NOW SOLD OUT! They are perfect especially if you are attending the Business Travel Show or Travel Technology Europe Show that week. To see details and reserve your place click here. An additional date of Friday 21 February is available if your company wishes to have a training day just for your team. We can conduct the course anywhere within UK, wherever your office is based. Great day for client relationship managers, anyone in sales or a leadership role within the travel and travel tech world. If your business invests in up and coming leaders then this is the right cou

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