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Changing Times can help with training your team and also being part of the negotiaiton processes


A Winning Strategy

Using tried and tested processes with new world approach

Old fashioned group activities don't work as well today as they used to. Changing Times takes the benefits of certain actions and breathes fresh air into them. The results are clear and leaves your employees ready to deliver positive ROI when then negotiate.

Win win solutions

Negotiations must allow both parties to benefit

With our vast experience, especially with corporate clients,

airlines, technology companies and financial suppliers

we can be an integral part of your procurement team

Great for small to medium-sized enterprises (SME)

who don't have full resources already set-up.

Travel Management expertise

We can help with everything in your travel program

Changing Times has over 16 years of knowledge

and insight into airline, hotel, car hire,

payment solutions, online booking tools,

expense management systems

and travel management companies.

Use our unrivalled expertise to obtain the

absolute right solutions for your business.

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