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A mentor can help you make life changing decisions about your career


Partnership with the best travel recruitment company

We are extremely proud to announce the following;

AA Appointments is Australia’s leading travel and hospitality recruitment specialists within Australia and as a value add to their candidates, they have partnered with Changing Times to offer mentoring services.
Changing Times has vast travel industry expertise and offers coaching and mentoring to individuals to help them build their career. Especially if someone is looking to change role, also for internal promotion, Changing Times will help candidates prepare for the challenges you may face.
Employers can also benefit from the business coaching program which is tailored to company culture and goals. Companies can invest in their employees to maximise the job satisfaction and results.

One on one mentor

Whether you are looking to change roles, careers or make a charge for an internal promotion it can be a scary time.

Use our mentor program to help you have clear focus on where you can maximise your career and opportunities.

Through insightful discussions we will look at your personal brand, skill-set, market conditions and put together a clear plan.

Each mentor program is individual to suit you, your expectations and your career.

Call us today, we are your unfair advantage,

Executive mentorship

As your career advances you will need someone on your side that you can trust 100% and will not allow personal or well meaning yet misguided advice affect you.

Our confidential and C level support is here for you.

Having managed companies with $200m turnover, with over 120 local staff and 1,000 across Asia we can help you consider major decisions that will shape your career.

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