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Changing Times is your 'unfair' advantage in today's travel industry


Changing Times builds on your brand, culture and business objectives using our expertise, fresh approach to people management and positive attitude to deliver higher results.

We approach each of our clients with clear vision and develop custom-made strategies and training.

Our company was founded by Richard Savva who led Voyager Travel from being a boutique travel agency in Melbourne into the largest independent travel management company in Australia. Following the sale of Voyager Travel to a Global Company, ATPI,  in 2014,  Richard's most recent role was that of Managing Director Asia.

Using the expertise gained in motivating and supporting all areas of the business Richard can deliver business coaching, multiple training and strategic insight to your company.

Key areas where we can provide invaluable expertise and guidance are sales strategies, man-management, account management, technology challenges, dealing with up-turn and down-turn in business, regional & global expansion and preparing to sell your business.

Richard presented, trained and moderated at btTB, ACTE and other major travel management conferences in Australia, Asia, Europe and USA. 

With technology changing our personal and business world at such a speed Richard was also a co-founder and Board member of Troovo a revolutionary automation platform.

Our services are available through-out Australia and New Zealand. We are also looking at opportunities to increase our team in Australia and like-minded people in Asia, UK & USA.

As we say these are changing times and we all have to be looking at how we can differentiate ourselves and improve.


Richard’s reputation in the industry coupled with his extensive knowledge and experience ensures that the training provided is of a very high calibre. The training content is highly relevant with learning outcomes that are clear and able to be put into practise immediately in the work environment.


Richard is knowledgeable, professional and approachable and we are confident in partnering with Changing Times to deliver training requirements to our staff.


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