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Help guide, challenge and empower your management


When an external resource can really deliver

If you are business owner, run a small company or have a larger organisation you will benefit from our business coach.

Having real life experience of growing a company with all the issues, opportunities, external forces, forever changing technology and related online competitors we can help you fast-track your strategy.

All areas of business including cash-flow, staff recruitment, retention of clients and high performing staff, man-management, sales and all P&L areas can be included.

Looking for overseas support?

Changing Times can help small business owners prepare for expanding overseas.

Finding the right partner whether they are manufacturing, customer service support, sales agent or a true global association is daunting. We have experience and success in this area and can help you from making costly and time consuming errors.

Getting ready to sell your business?

At some stage you may decide to sell your business. Again Changing Times can advise and assist in ensuring you maximise your return.

For a confidential discussion on timing, preparation and best strategy contact us.

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