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Know the buyer

It doesn't matter what you are trying to sell, unless you understand how the buyer then you are at a massive disadvantage.

Changing Times is proud to be a partner in promoting this amazing new programme developed and delivered by a procurement professional that any and all sales & marketing teams should consider. Also your account management team needs to appreciate how their interaction with the client can dramatically improve the relationship.

Here is the Program Overview

There’s a good chance that corporate procurement is a key audience for your sales and account management teams. How well do they understand them?

Let’s face it, at times procurement can be challenging to work with. If their hopes, drivers and secret fears are better understood, sales and account management will be able to win more clients, retain accounts for longer and manage the constantly changing faces in category management.

Knowing the Buyer (KTB) provides a candid, insiders perspective on corporate procurement. It unpacks how a business can use consulting techniques to build trust, rapport and become the ‘private consultant’ for their client.

By adopting a consultative sales approach, teams can de-commoditise their offering and become the trustworthy advisor for their clients.

KTB is designed for sales and account managers who sell to or work with corporate procurement.

Professionals from the breadth of the travel industry will benefit, as would other industries that are at risk of being commoditised by procurement.

For more details on this tremendous programme contact us at

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