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Subject matter expertise for your travel management procurement

Time to revisit your travel partners and suppliers. The landscape has changed dramatically and continues to do so daily. Include the environmental considerations and traveller wellbeing and we need a much broader lens.

We've just returned from the Business Travel and Travel Tech show in London. There are so many aspects of the travel program requiring review, including content, ESG, data privacy and the list goes on....

So here is where businesses have a dilemma. The travel category spend has increased for many and therefore the overall control needed and saving opportunity requires attention. Will the procurement manager or category lead see return on investment of their time? Maybe not.

This is where we believe Changing Times expense outsourced solutions will fill the void.

Travel is even more complicated. Airlines have changed the distribution channel forever and their personalised retailing strategy is causing challenges never seen before. It's not just accessing the content but also servicing changes, refunds, issuing invoices, dealing with more than one traveller on one booking and the list goes on and on and on.

Let's not kid ourselves, airlines WANT to market and sell direct to the customer. And if I was an airline and saw the dramatic shift in direct bookings (see American Airlines recent announcement of their direct booking numbers and then their apparent reversed strategy ) I would want to investigate this to the fullest.

HOWEVER the elephant in the room is clear. Almost no business uses ONE airline for all its travel therefore there has to be an agency to source, book, manage and help 24/7. With the New Distribution Capability (NDC), now know as Modern Retail Marketing..... which was discussed 18 years ago, as a corporate buyer you must be aware how this hinders and potentially helps you in YOUR market.

Changing Times also has up to date, comprehensive and insightful knowledge of the travel management company (TMC) landscape. We can help you decide who to short-list rather than conducting a long, painful and excessive invites tender process. Once we know your needs we can help you choose the right TMC according to capability, technology, geographical reach, culture and strategy.

Use our knowledge, insight and first hand experience.

Our unbiased advice allows procurement to engage with other stakeholders within their business with confidence, market-leading strategy and aligned with the company goals.

We also provide ongoing category management, with your team, to ensure you are receiving the agreed contractual deliverables.

If your procurement team would benefit from external advice, in-depth category knowledge and networking opportunities in the travel space then contact us for a confidential discussion. This allows you to focus on other categories with confidence that the travel & expense one is under control.


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