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Time to revive - Business coaching - subscription model

Here at Changing Times we are always looking at new and innovative ways to help our clients. We have been asked to offer a subscription model to help travel agencies, travel management companies, airlines, hotel sales teams and travel tech businesses.

Using our 20+ years of experience we have numerous business advisory, mentoring, strategic advice and overall sales & marketing offerings to suit businesses of all sizes and budgets.

As we work through the COVID-19 challenge all businesses need someone to rely on in reviewing, preparing and planning the survival and clear path out of the crisis.

Our unrivalled insight to travel, technology, operations, marketing, sales and mentoring for all sectors of the travel industry can be part of your business for a very reasonable monthly investment. See the attached document and please call us to discuss specific requirements.

If you are a stand-alone retail travel agency or part of a global travel tech business we have the right level of support to help.

If you want to discuss your specific needs or for more details please email us for a confidential chat.


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