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Time is up

Okay, okay, okay, we've all had enough of NDC talk. (airline retailing).

Airlines have their viewpoints and the travel intermediaries have theirs.

Whatever your position on the subject, it is happening NOW with a number of significant airlines and causing deep disruption to distribution channels. Some say these channels need changing anyway.

Here at Changing Times we've had numerous discussions with both sides of the 'situation' and more importantly with the corporate clients & travellers. People are very unhappy!

So until airlines leading the NDC revolution come out and clearly state their objectives, including whether they want to continue working with the trade-trade, we have industry-wide disillusion.

Technology can deliver solutions, like Spotnana to name one, however when airlines come out and say certain airfares and loyalty offerings can only be realised by booking directly with them, this compounds the divide. Consolidation of data, market-share analysis, customer service, 24/7 support, cost control and many more aspects of a profession travel management programme are lost.

Honest, open and partnership negotiations need to happen. Any airline, travel management company and corporate client willing to join me for a frank and productive meeting? Email me

Let's see who really wants to find a solution for the customer!

Wasn't flying a wonderful experience.......


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