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Story telling is the pathway to improved sales & client engagement - UK training dates in March

Once upon a time........... is the start to many wonderful children stories that thrill, captivate and excite children of all ages.

If you have the ability to tell a story in a way that paints pictures, takes the listener on a journey, gains empathy and enables people to trust you then you can be a top sales person.

It's not only the sales person that needs such a skill-set as story telling. A motivational leader, relationship building account manager, results driven team leader and customer focused consultant will all succeed if they can improve their story telling ability.

Further understanding of sandwich selling (no not a ham & tomato sandwich!!), alternative closing and how to NEVER use the word BUT will also benefit you and your career.

Changing Times provides bespoke training for your team so they can better engage potential clients, current customers and even internal departments.

Previous training attendee comments include;

'The training provided pushed us all out of our comfort zones, and Richard’s unique but professional methods ensure future success for my team. Whether it be sales meetings, confronting client conversations, or simply technology training, our team is now well equipped with a suite of skills necessary for Platinum to continue its success.'

'Congratulations Richard, you tested me, stretched my brain and had my full engagement throughout the content of your programme yesterday. I am in the office this morning & one of the ‘head honcho’s’ has their door open; they are on the phone and I can determine that the content of their conversation is similar to examples we had yesterday. There are a lot of ‘buts’, so’s, um’s and of course that word ‘actually’ has surfaced.

Last night I performed an impromptu sandwich sell on my wife. She did not see what I had done I felt so good in achieving this.

My colleague and I were walking to the train station last night discussing your course, the content and your delivery. We thought it was brilliant and again would like to illustrate a huge congratulations to you. One of the best courses I have attended.'

'Just completed the Advanced Presenter Course with Richard Savva from Changing Times and I've taken away a tremendous amount of confidence and knowledge. Highly worthwhile and encourage anyone (at any level) who wants to learn from an experienced mentor in the travel industry.'

'Huge amount of knowledge and understanding obtained and it was great to see each of us all grow significantly in confidence and ability throughout the day. Highly recommended.'

Contact us today for details of our training courses in March 2024 in Manchester and London or to discuss your company specific needs and we will all live happily ever.


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