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Passport at the ready

Travel is coming back. The pent up demand is raring to go. Australians are ready for the borders to be open in time for Christmas.

From 1 November Aussies can come & go, subject to double dosed vaccination and a few other rules, so watch out for the booking frenzy.

The number of recruitment ads over the last 48 hours has been amazing as travel businesses feel the new world of travel is coming.

Travel agencies, wholesalers, airlines and all tourism businesses will face differing localised challenges. Whatever you need to navigate make sure you don't miss out on the booking frenzy that's about to emerge.

What are you selling?

How are you communicating with your customers and prospects?

Are the team unskilled and ready for the opportunities?

Is the coffee machine working? :-)

If you need assistance in preparing, planning and maximising your opportunity make contact NOW!

Suitcases are being dusted and opened together with passports being checked for expiry dates.


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