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8 minute meeting

At work the day can disappear through meaningless, long, boring, unstructured and tiresome internal meetings. Also how many of you have your working day interrupted by colleagues for non-urgent questions of chats?

Business is evolving at such a pace that you can't afford to waste time and you need to focus on customer value added solutions.

Things have to change.

One simple and extremely effective innovation is the 8 minute meeting. This short, sharp, structured and simple idea really does make a vast difference in saving time.

Whether you organise this daily, three times a week or weekly it doesn't matter - whatever best suits your team and objectives.

Here's one real life use - a business we were working with had concern and frustration due to ongoing interruptions by the leaders within their peer group as they were sat close to each other. One easy question would spark a full on debate within the leadership team. Everyone lost productivity for no good reason.

So we implemented the 8 minute meeting three time a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9.22am exactly! Each leader, there were five of them, had 60 seconds to explain any important and urgent issue that required the other leaders to know about and / or their input. This left three minutes for any other business.

To make this even better hold the meeting stood up without a table. This give more openness with body language and delivers a sense of urgency.

It was tough for the first few weeks as everyone got to appreciate the time sensitive nature of this 8 minute meeting. Now the speed, accuracy, lack of time wasting chatter and decisiveness has improved beyond expectations.

They still have quick catch-ups for absolute urgent issues however most of the matters can wait 24-48 hours until the next 8 minute meeting.

This and other strategic innovations are available via Changing Times, where we help businesses evolve and challenge the norm - contact us to discuss your needs.


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