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Amazing early Christmas deals!

As we all know the month of January in Australia is a quiet one from a business aspect. Staff are generally on extended leave or waiting for February and the start of the 'real new year' for clients and prospects.

So this January we are so pleased to be offering AMAZING deals on our three most successful travel industry and travel technology training days! So instead of being sat around bored take this opportunity to up-skill your team and boost motivation ready for the crazy February! Book now!

More details of the three offerings will be published in the coming few days however here are a few insights to whet your appetite;

Full day interactive training just for your team (so we can have real discussions around the situations and opportunities specific to your company)

  1. Presentation training - how to maximise time with your prospects, clients and internal customers. This works for your team members who have to engage 1-on-1, deliver to small group and face their fears with large presentation groups

  2. Sales training - learn how to prepare, engage and close those sales deals. This is for sales, account management, senior leadership and anyone in your business who has exposure to clients and prospects.

  3. Travel technology - this day allows your team members to understand how best to describe, present and sell any travel technology your business wants your clients to use. Don't get too involved in the technical aspects, make sure you know how to tell a clear story around the benefits of your offering.

Each of these three days can adapted to meet your specific requirements, barriers and goals. They really are awesome days, even if we say so ourselves.

If you want to sign -up for details email us now or contact us by phone. The offers will be for the month of January 2020 ONLY and obviously limited dates. If you are based within Australia we can probably deliver the training in your city or town.

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