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Travel Industry Mentor Experience

At a recent event our founder, Richard, was asked to deliver a 50 minute session around leadership. It was an interactive session and as a result of the workshop there is now a closed user LinkedIn Group for the attendees to further their leadership questions, challenges and networking.

If your business or specific team require a focused training make sure you contact us for a confidential chat.

Here are a few of the comments from the session;

  • This was the most engaging speaker so far. I could keep listening to his presentation . Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • I really enjoyed this session, it was relevant to where I am in my career – looking for that next step in my progression. I thought the interactive nature was effective too and Richard was very willing to speak after and offer advice.

  • I enjoyed the session!

  • Loved that this was an interactive session.

  • I really gained a better understanding of the difference between a manager and a leader and how to identify them in the workplace.

  • It is always good to hear from our peers and this subject was very relevant. I found Richard very engaging and professional. I learnt a few new things as well which is always good and it was great to see how the rest of the room responded to the content.

  • It was great to hear everyone’s opinion on the difference between a manager and a leader, Richard made a good point about people’s titles, when the title includes leader but the person isn’t necessarily a leader.

  • Loved the workshop, Richard is a great facilitator, he got everyone in the room involved and engaged in the session.

  • I found Richard to be quite insightful and helped us think outside the box when it comes to our workplace and our own leadership skills. I found it quite interesting and quite relatable on the topic of Manager VS Leader. This made me think about my own leadership skills, what I could be doing wrong and what I could improve on.

  • I haven’t had the opportunity to take part in many workshops that bring in industry leaders to speak about certain topics and workshop those ideas. I found the topic of leadership to be quite relevant to the program and where I’m currently up to in regard to the program.

  • I thought the talk that Richard presented was excellent. This is one of the areas that Mat wants to work on as part of his program goals. So the timing was excellent. Also it was very interesting to hear the tips for me too!

  • The whole presentation was great as it was informal but very informative.

  • I thought this was a great session – it is a shame we were limited to one hour as I felt this was very interactive with those in the room and it would have been great to delve into the topic raised at the end about the different types of leaders. Perhaps a follow up sessions on ‘what leader type are you’ could be on the cards? Or ‘How to identify your leadership style’

  • A really insightful session, I took a lot away from it.

  • Richard presented really well, and did a good job as getting me to think outside the square.

  • Tied in perfectly my objectives within the program

  • Delivered in a fun, interactive environment – I walked out with a full page of notes. ~50mins in the perfect length.

  • Content was perfect and so well delivered by Richard. I thought he was a great presenter and his content was very relevant.

  • Delivery was great and topic was very helpful

  • Loved it

  • Really interesting I took away a lot form the Session

  • Loved the Group Interaction

  • This topic was very relevant as we all have leaders as well as managers in our business. It was very clearly explained to help us understand the fundamental differences between the both. Richard was engaging and was very easy to listen to.

  • This session was extremely relevant to my role. It was very informative and I left with some great ideas and thoughts

  • Richard was a great Presenter. I could listen to him all day

  • Being in a leadership position this workshop was so insightful listening to a range of industry colleagues on what important qualities leaders should possess. Richard did a fabulous job leading the discussion and the attendees were all engaged and spoke honestly about leaders they connect mostly with and those they don’t and all the reasons why. Fabulous – thank you!

  • With looking into leadership roles I found it very relevant to learning what makes a good leader

  • The core focus was the difference of a Manager and Leader in todays world. I found it quite insightful.

  • A very casual presentation in an open and casual setting. Found the interaction with audience and advise given to be excellent.

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