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We are pleased to announce Richard Savva will be a speaker at the ITMC summit

The ITMC SUMMIT 2019 theme this year will be REWIRED.

We will look at ways our industry can harness the rise of technology to support the human side of servicing. Find out more about and register here


We are delighted to welcome you to the 2019 Independent TMC Summit which will be held from 09 – 12 June at the outstanding InterContinental Resort, Fujairah, UAE.

This will be the 7th year that WIN has organised an International event. Last year was the inaugural ITMC Summit, which provided a corporate travel conference to a wider audience and attracted independent TMCs from across the globe.

Feedback from delegates and suppliers who attended the summit in Miami in May 2018 was overwhelmingly positive. This year we have decided to maintain the same concept but create an event that will surpass it, not only in content, but also in size.

Our theme this year will be REWIRED, our aim is to look at ways our industry can harness the rise of technology to support the human side of servicing. No longer just an online, offline concept, we now need to enhance our service models and incorporate AI and Chatbots to create efficiency and simplify travel arrangements, allowing TMCs more time to perform complex tasks and whilst continuing to personalise the traveller's experience.

We aim to provide access to industry-leading professionals, keynote speakers and a variety of workshop sessions designed to provide you with inspiration and insight. In addition, this event provides you with the opportunity to network with your peers, engage with suppliers and access the fabulous facilities of the InterContinental Resort.


We will be focusing on key industry topics under the theme REWIRED, these will include: -

  • Global Forecasts for Corporate Travel Sector

  • TMC Identity Crisis

  • Duty of Care, when things go wrong

  • Inside the mind of the buyer

  • Technology – Human & Machine

  • Meetings & Events Clinic

  • NDC

  • Social Media Solutions


  • Opportunity to share your experiences, benchmark achievements with the “best of the best” independent TMCs across the globe

  • Network and interact with a diverse collection of industry peers and professionals in a business environment

  • Have fun, socialise and enjoy the hospitable and welcoming atmosphere of the InterContinental Resort

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