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btTB-GBTA conference in Sydney

At this years business travel conference in Sydney we are pleased to confirm Richard Savva will be involved in two sessions.

Bringing the technology together - 1 May

Phil Rasmussen Managing Director, Kudos Travel Technology Gena Signorini Head of Travel Management Sale, Amadeus IT Pacific

Michael Chase-Smith Executive Director, Orbit World Travel

Susie Duncan Manager, Sourcing & Procurement, SEA & ANZ, FedEx

Richard Savva (Moderator) Independent travel consultant/advisor, Changing Times

GDS, OBT, Profile System, TMC systems, Duty of Care system, Pre-Trip Approval system and EMS. These are the components of the typical “technology stack” involved in your travel management. But different systems aren’t compatible with others. If you try to get the best of each on its merits, you can run into problems. Join our expert panel to discuss how you navigate your way through the disjointed world of travel technology?

Pro’s and Con’s’ of developing custom technology - 2 May

By Richard Savva (Moderator) Independent travel consultant/advisor, Changing Times

Technology buyers have been faced with the aged old question should we Build or Buy? This panel session will provide travel procurement teams with a checklist of questions that will help them decide which option they should select?

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