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What happens when a traveller is involved in an incident overseas?

One of your travellers has been involved in a car crash overseas.

What do they do next?

Is your travel policy clear, easily accessible when needed and has 24/7 contact details?

We can help facilitate your internal project and ensure all aspects of the traveller needs are covered. By engaging with all your stakeholders we cover as many view points as possible whilst benchmarking against other businesses and evolving solutions.

At a recent travel policy review roundtable we received the following comments;

Loved the travel review with Richard Savva - that was really eye opening and thought provoking

The travel Roundtable was great interaction and has lefdus to make positive changes to how we look after the workforce.

The Changing Times facilitation worked. It was not totally relevant to my work but the interaction with others was fun and made you think about your written procedures and processes etc

Changing Times has vast experience in policy reviews, new technology, social media implications and communication strategies to help you develop a meaningful, positive and deliverable travel policy.

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