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GBTA 2018 round-up

Having attended numerous conferences I have to say last weeks GBTA 2018 conference really stands out.

The vibe, networking and knowledge sharing when there are 7,000 attendees is remarkable. However if you don't make a specific meeting you will struggle to catch-up with someone due to sheer size of the event.

The educational sessions offered a vast array of content and skilled presenters. We were honoured to deliver our modern traveller and technology session on Monday morning at 8am. Not the best time when most people had been out partying until the early hours in Sunday night. It was great to have 64 engaged people attend our session and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Inspirational speakers Billie Jean king and Kevin O'Leary (Shark Tank USA) gave wonderful insight into dealing with pressure and being successful in their individual careers.

The expo was vast! Even after three days 'doing the floor' I still felt as though I missed many travel industry suppliers. Oh well there's always GBTA Chicago 2019 to look forward to.

If you'd like more info on our specific training, corporate travel policy re-engineering sessions or insight into any elements of the business travel sector please check us out and email us.

Also keep an eye out for our new travel management tender revolution.

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