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Travel procurement assistance

We have recently completed a two week project assisting a large Australian corporate client with their strategy around business travel.

Using our subject matter expertise we reviewed and provided a discussion document around the following key aspects;

  • Engaging a new travel management company using the model previously used.

  • Looking at a hybrid rent-a-plate solution.

  • Completely insourcing the travel management program.

  • Implementing a new airline negotiation strategy and how that would that impact the business.

  • Meeting with other departments within the business around a joint travel marketing opportunity for their current clients.

  • Looking at a 2+ year strategy using a new travel procurement model to win new business.

  • Introducing the procurement team to other travel specialists both in Australia and the US to further educate the team.

  • Providing details on technology to suit the current and future needs of the travellers and also process automation.

Our holistic and knowledgeable advice allowed for a detailed budget to be produced which allows procurement to engage with other stakeholders within their business.

If your procurement team would benefit from external advice, in-depth category knowledge and networking opportunities in the travel space then contact us for a confidential discussion. Email us today

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