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Travel Industry Innovation Study Tour – Silicon Valley, 10th to 14th June 2018

We all know for your business to survive and grow you can't live off low fees and ever reducing income.

To increase sales and income you need to be the trusted partner and subject matter expert.

There has to be value add, points of difference and nowadays unique technology. Being involved in the business daily can stop you from seeing the bigger picture and how you can differentiate your business.

Here is a study tour specially designed for travel industry executives including:

  • Travel Management Company

  • Technology suppliers

  • Global Distribution Systems

  • Airline digital & solutions

  • Hotel senior executives

  • Ground transport providers

  • Payment solutions

  • Security & Medical assistance companies

  • New technology for the travel industry

We are sure there are also experienced Procurement Managers who want to lead their travel programmes rather than being led. You are very welcome to join this tour.

During this 4 day study tour, we will visit the tech giants & startups, accelerators & incubators to go behind the scenes of real Silicon Valley disruptors.

This quite amazing study tour includes interaction with some of the world's most creative minds, successful innovators and a full day at the Skift Tech forum

Check out the full itinerary of the four day tour here

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