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How do you manage social media within your travel policy?

When was the last time you reviewed the company travel policy regarding how social media is managed?

Well now is the time to take a fresh look at how best to support your travellers and react to the speed of social media.

Imagine one of your travellers is involved in an incident overseas, a car crash, terror attack, weather disruption etc. If that individual puts something on social media how does that information feed back into your business and ensures the right senior management receive the details in a timely manner?

Poor communication can cause devastating consequences.

If the issue has personal / family involvement the company needs to be pro-active rather than having a family member of the individual calling the company for further details.

How will your business deal with a newspaper calling for a comment on a FaceBook, Twitter or similar social media post which you are not even aware of?

Through roundtable scenario discussions we can help you prepare for such instances. We facilitate the day ensuring we engage as many areas of the business as possible in your policy review. Strongly suggest the following are involved; HR, legal, IT, C level, bookers, key travellers at a minimum.

Changing Times has vast experience in policy reviews, new technology, supplier offerings and communication strategies to help you develop a meaningful, positive and deliverable travel policy.

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