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When you lose your phone travelling on business

It's fair to say the majority of us live on our smart phone. We rely on it for personal, social and work engagement with the world.

So what happens when you lose your phone whilst away on business?


From a personal and social aspect it will be tough however we can access the web via a computer in the hotel business centre. maybe we have our laptop back in the room.

If you are travelling and don't have an office in that city how will you access work emails, documents and work related information? If only you could access the travel policy online you would know what to do (see the problem here?).

Worse is still to come - what if your phone is hacked into and someone can access your personal and work data? Are your credit card details on the phone?

Make sure your business has a realistic, easy to access and communicated travel policy to deal with such occurrences as losing your phone.

What if your laptop, phone and passport were stolen.....................

Changing Times has vast experience in policy reviews, new technology, supplier offerings and communication strategies to help you develop a meaningful, positive and deliverable travel policy.

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