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Reason to start your own business

I've always respected people who had the courage, conviction and desire to set-up their own business. The risks can be massive and the benefits not always realised.

At a recent conference I was asked why I set-up Changing Times after being involved with Voyager Travel for over ten years. Well my reason wasn't a business one, mine was very personal - my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and it took a millisecond to decide I wanted / needed to be her 'gofer & chauffeur'

Yes I am a man and I can't multi-task too many things so it was an easy decision. Being a Managing Director travelling round Asia almost weekly wouldn't allow me to be there for my wife as and when she would need me.

I am so pleased to share that after chemo & radiotherapy my wife has come through the year and has a very positive prognosis.

The whole situation and process allowed us to realign our lives and plans.

Changing Times was born and mentoring, coaching and training people in the travel industry so they can maximise their potential and opportunities makes everything worthwhile.

So my wife is taking part in a charity walk this weekend to support Breast Cancer Network Australia so please click here and donate whatever you can, $10 makes a difference to the charity.


Update, my amazing wife completed the walk.

The distance didn't matter.

The time didn't matter.

It mattered that she is here to do it.

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