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Mentor for the travel professional

Our mentor services are pretty awesome, even if we say so ourselves. Well our mentees seem to agree.

Wherever you are with your career, we can help you focus on the next step and provide a strategy to help you get there.

New to managing people?

Moving into a much more technical area?

Need to expand your network?

A senior role has come up and you are unsure if you handle it?

Moving from a travel agency environment to a corporate one?

Jumping over from account manager to a client role?

Whatever your opportunity or challenge is make sure you have a trusted professional on your side to guide, motivate, discuss and help formulate the right move for you.

Our mentor service can last from 6 hours to 6 months or even more as you wish. We are here for you.

Email Changing Times today. Your 'unfair' advantage in the travel industry.

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