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Mentoring in the travel industry

As your career advances you will need sound advice, direction, someone to challenge your ideas and be a true confident. A mentor.

If you are in the travel and tourism industry we can help you due to our extensive experience. We are subject matter experts (SME's) in areas such as retail travel agent, travel wholesaler, travel management company, airline, hotel staff, technology player in the travel business and GDS.

Whether you are looking to apply for an internal promotion or move to competitor you will be faced with challenges. Your own business will know you and have made assumptions, although maybe it's a large company and the new division hasn't seen you in action, however you have to make sure your personal brand is as robust as it can be.

A new company might already have a good idea of the type of individual you are by your market reputation, LinkedIn profile and other social media (a very important area to be aware of) even before you send in a resume or attend an interview.

Who can you ask for advice? Your current boss? Friends? Family? Depending on your situation, all, some or none of these are options. A mentor should deliver totally honest, unbiased and challenging dialogue.

If the time is right for you to review and reignite your career contact us for a completely confidential chat.

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