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The customer comes second

Have you heard that saying before?

For those who worked for Rosenbluth International you will remember it well as it was the culture of the business. For those who didn't enjoy that experience take a look at the book written by Hal Rosenbluth here

The whole idea behind this concept was that management and leaders focused first on the associates (employees) and ensured the working environment was conducive with growth, no fear and welcomed innovation.

This in turn ensured our clients received the absolute best service. It worked.

Motivate your team, don't chastise someone for having ago, If a mistake is made, learn from it and work together to get it right next time.

Don't have barriers between management and the team, allow everyone to speak freely.

I was fortunate to work for Rosenbluth in the UK and Australia and I learnt an amazing amount about team work, motivation, trust and what you can achieve when everyone is pulling in the same direction.

As we utilise more and more technology we cannot lose sight of people. For a business to succeed and more importantly have a brand that people want to work with (note I don't say 'for') we must look after our people.

Motivate them with mentoring.

Offer to educate them so they can deliver more.

Open doors for those who want to try and grow.

Don't judge a candidate by what they do today but rather what they want to do tomorrow.

Coach the team and ensure everyone has the same goal.

Attitude beats ability any day.

As you can tell I am extremely passionate about this subject mainly because I saw the benefits our team and as important our clients realised.

If you feel our services around mentoring, coaching, facilitation and training would help your business or you please check out our website.

If you are in New York between 21st April - 02nd May I'd love to catch up.

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