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Retail in-store v online

It's fair to say you can buy almost anything online today. So why do some of the traditional bricks & mortar businesses continue to survive and grow?

As a high street seller (let's use that term for ease understanding) It is so important that you are offering a unique product, knowledge or unsurpassed service. Otherwise cost is the single deciding factor. Benefits of selling face-to-face are well known as its easier to up-sell, have impulse buying and harder for a buyer to compare prices.

Online sellers have multiple benefits like being open all hours, a vastly greater audience, less stock holding requirements, lower store costs and opportunity for outsourcing customer service & delivery to again reduce costs.

Most high street sellers have already entered the online marketplace however they have a dilemma. Do they want their loyal foot traffic to buy online? The answer is generally NO as it's been proven to reduce the sales & profit per buyer.

Let Changing Times help you work on the best strategy for your business.

With social media, online shopping and marketing plans to suit most businesses call us today to set-up an obligation free discussion.

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