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Sharing economy........ Uber

At a recent ACTE / CAPA global conference in Sydney I mentioned to the audience at one of my sessions that I had signed up to Uber to check-out their 'onboarding ' process. Quite a number of people came to see me afterwards and asked me about it and why I had done this.

If business travellers were to accept the sharing economy I thought it was a good idea to see for myself what checks are in place.

I have used Uber (and Airbnb) many times before so I did go into this with a positive attitude. Putting that to one side I found the process totally efficient, thorough and straight-forward.

Using the online system Uber asks for personal details (to verify you are who you say you are), completes a police check, insists on a relevant insurance certificate and once all these boxes are ticked the applicant has to take the vehicle to an Uber approved garage for a check.

The whole process took 7 working days.

I am sure some people try to cheat the system however I felt even more secure in promoting Uber after my personal experience. Just to complete the process in full I also completed a few days as an Uber driver. Now that's another story...............

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