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Changing jobs

Over the past few weeks we have received a significant number of requests for our mentor program from people who are in the process of looking for or have been successful in securing a new job.

At certain stages of your career there comes a time when you make a BIG decision. Most of us change jobs quite a few times in our working life however there is that massive change somewhere along the road. It might be an internal promotion you've been working on for ages, a complete change of industry or you've reached a milestone birthday and NOW is the time to act.

Making the right impression from the interview process and especially in the first 4-8 weeks of the new role is vital. It sets you up, demonstrates your character and work ethic to the new team. On many levels this is key to your success.

There are numerous hurdles to consider;

A good worker is not always a good leader. A good leader doesn't always manage new situations or teams. Being promoted internally means you have different dynamics to work through and work friends might now be your direct reports.

One industry might have different expectations than another on how you interact with employees.

Cultures are different in most workplaces and an interview process doesn't always provide a clear picture.

Taking on a mentor during this process can help you manage this life changing time. Family can help but you won't want to put them under extra pressure and friends are always well-meaning however can be too close to you to help you make none emotional decisions.

If you are thinking about going through your BIG career move contact us to see how we can help you through this monumental changing time.

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