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Travel management in the new world

Most businesses will require you to travel at some stage of the year. It might just be a single trip each year to attend your franchise seminar or you may have sales, account management and technicians travelling every week.

Either way you have to get the best value for each and every trip. I don't know of any company that completes a pre-trip assessment of the ROI on the cost of each trip their employees take. Yes there might be forms to complete before travel is booked to list all costs and details of the clients or prospects you are visiting however a detailed ALL cost (including time away from other responsibilities, if relevant) and expected income benefit is not looked at.

Maybe it would be to arduous to ask employees to fill out another form!

Sales people will say they MUST travel as this prospect is red hot and ready to sign.

Account management will say the client has a massive issue and only a face-to-face meeting will resolve.

Both are probably true and if the cost of the travel is 'within the travel budget' whats the problem?

Everyone is a travel agent and can get a flight $50 cheaper by booking online! If I had a dollar for every time I'd heard that I would be very happy. Why do you or your staff spend hours trying to save $50 when there are superb travel companies around who will do that for you. Some have online solutions that are always evolving, specific for SME's & integrated with airlines, hotels and third party hotel suppliers! Phew there are so many to choose from.

If you don't want your travel program to stop your people from conducting business then make sure your travel policy, supplier negotiations, technology used (online booking, expense management & payment methods) and duty of care are prepared & executed correctly.

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