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My business is too small to benefit from a business coach.......

Okay I have to admit the picture chosen is because my wife loves to sew. In fact we probably have enough material in her 'sewing room' to open a shop!

The problem for SME's (Small to Medium Enterprises) is that they generally don't have enough resources to quickly solve issues and look at the bigger picture. There are great support opportunities for SME owners like The SME Association of Australia (SMEA) and now with Changing Times there is an additional cost effective option.

Changing Times offers affordable mentoring for companies of all sizes from the owner operator to 100+ employee operations.

Experience gained in running Voyager Travel for 16 years allows us to help you on real life aspects of a P&L. Also we know the importance of cash-flow management, sales & marketing, social media, the importance of winning industry recognised awards and even changing payment terms (at Voyager we had to stop offering invoice terms and only accept credit card payments as the main suppliers, airlines, reduced invoice terms for us).

At Voyager we had exposure to many industries including, telecommunications, financial, universities, retailers, supermarkets, transportation, manufacturing, charities, online businesses, oil & gas, legal and solar energy.

Whatever your business we are sure we can help. Email us today or call.

Just to be clear that picture is NOT my wife however she does have more fabric than in the picture!

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