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Evolving airline models

Terrific session at CAPA in London with five airline industry experts. Discussed the low cost, airline partnerships and data ownership aspects. Interesting concerns on how to better manage data and use the customer information to sell proactively using Facebook and other social media avenues. Will Gloabl alliances survive as more airlines just cooperate on a needs basis? Low cost airlines offering become blurred with tradiontal airlines where ancillary products & costs become more common on perceived full service carriers. For a further insight feel free to contact us

The Travel Management Company has to change

Great session at the ACTE CAPA Global conference Johnny Thorsen from Mezi suggests that TMC should evolve to Technology Management Companies. I’d go one step further and put it out there that they should become T&TMC - Travel & Technology Management Company. Unless your partner TMC of today can understand, engage and deliver bespoke technology integrated solutions for the travellers and businesses they will struggle in the near future.

ACTE CAPA Global summit

Start of three great interactive educational days here in London. Watch this space for updates on new technology, over coming business travel challenges and engaging with positive ideas.

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