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Business coaching - map out the future of your company

I've always respected people who had the courage, conviction and desire to set-up their own business. The risks can be massive and the benefits not always realised.

In today's ever changing, evolving and fast paced world a business owner or leader needs to RUN at 100 miles an hour just to keep up. Juggling employee expectations, client demands, competitor challenges, technology disruptions, cashflow nightmares, supplier direct distribution strategies are a few areas of focus to mention!

Changing Times has insight, experience and strategies to help you navigate the business world. Many times having an outside view delivers new perspective and clearer vision.

Mentoring, business coaching and training people in the travel industry is what we do so you can maximise potential and opportunities making everything worthwhile.

We have successful programs for small and large travel management companies, retail travel agencies, online agencies, hotels, cruise lines, tourism offices, airlines and the new emerging travel tech sectors to help owners and leaders maximise their situation.

If you're a small business owner you may have passion, drive and certain skill-sets and it can be lonely plus at times scary. This is where our expertise can help you.

For larger organisations we can provide strategic clarity, training and mentorship for up and coming stars of the future as well as enable current leadership to maximise their potential.

With over 20 years travel business knowledge we can help you with aspects like sales, marketing, social media, staff leadership, growth, planning and if you plan to sell your business we have first hand experience to help guide you.

Recent business owner testimonial;

As a small business owner, I highly recommend and encourage using the professional services of a business coach.

Richard was able to help guide me through some challenging issues facing my business and provide clarity and advice around difficult decisions.

When you are involved everyday with the running of your business, it was invaluable to have someone who was able to analyse situations from an outside view and provided measured and profound guidance.

It is also helpful at times to have a good ‘sounding board’! I cannot recommend Richard and Changing Times highly enough.

Contact us for a confidential and custom business coach program.

You don't need to do it all alone. Use our insight to compliment your current team.

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