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Open invite to ALL Travel Management Companies in Australia

Changing Times has seen a sharp rise in the number of corporate and university buyers engaging with us regarding travel management and travel technology suppliers.

In order for us to provide the most up to date information we would welcome the opportunity to meet with your sales team to cover the following areas;

· Which market segments your business excels in.

· Are you focusing on small, medium, large, domestic or global clients.

· Which technology are you promoting / supporting and also any proprietary solutions you have.

· Overview of your business.

Please note Changing Times does NOT run TMC tenders and all information will only be used when corporates, universities and other travel buyers specifically ask for our input.

We do NOT want any pricing nor any commercial or confidential information.

Melbourne based meetings can occur as best suits your team and Sydney, if possible, either 29 or 30 May, or via phone if better suits your team. We do not want you to spend time preparing presentations or documents other than those you may already have ready.

Please contact us at to arrange a mutually suitable date & location or if you have additional questions.

Many thanks in advance.

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