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The customer comes second

Have you heard that saying before? For those who worked for Rosenbluth International you will remember it well as it was the culture of the business. For those who didn't enjoy that experience take a look at the book written by Hal Rosenbluth here The whole idea behind this concept was that management and leaders focused first on the associates (employees) and ensured the working environment was conducive with growth, no fear and welcomed innovation. This in turn ensured our clients received the absolute best service. It worked. Motivate your team, don't chastise someone for having ago, If a mistake is made, learn from it and work together to get it right next time. Don't have barriers betwe

ACTE / CAPA Canberra Aviation & Corporate Summit

An excellent turn out and interactive audience at the ACTE / CAPA Canberra Aviation & Corporate Summit on 15th March. Our session followed insightful presentations by Canberra Airport, Travel & Tourism experts and economists. The disruption from the sharing economy is impacting on corporate travel, with travellers looking online and outside of the traditional offerings. In the ground transport sector for example, Uber has overtaken taxi use for many organisations, but few have embraced private apartment rental as a replacement for hotels. Make sure you don't miss the next ACTE / CAPA conference in Australia (click here) Also Changing Times will be attending the ACTE Global conference in New

Changing the game

I was more than happy to provide a small insight into procurement from the sellers point of view for William Pegg. Make sure you check-out his new book. ‘Changing the Game: Rewriting the Rules for Mid-Market Procurement’ is a new book by William Peg, written for executive management of mid-sized companies to help establish better procurement that contributes towards profit and growth. You can purchase your copy here: It’s available in Paperback and Kindle ebook. Australian and international purchases can be made on Amazon and off the Synthesis Group website.

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