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ACTE / CAPA Canberra Aviation & Corporate Summit

Looking forward to the ACTE / CAPA Canberra Aviation & Corporate Summit on 15th March. If you are in Canberra make sure you attend. There are some extremely senior and knowledgeable aviation & travel professionals presenting. We are excited at being asked to moderate a very relevant panel; Panel Discussion: Disruption: from booking to travelling, paying and expensing, it’s all changing… The sharing economy is impacting on corporate travel, with travellers looking online and outside of the traditional offerings. In the ground transport sector for example, Uber has overtaken taxi use for many organisations, but few have embraced private apartment rental as a replacement for hotels. Regardless

Your 'unfair' advantage in the travel industry

Changing Times is powering up the dedicated services for the travel industry. With over 20 years of specific experience our founder, Richard Savva, can help your travel agency, tour operator, airline or hospitality provider. Whether you need to overcome online competition, adapt to a new challenge, review your own technology roadmap or prepare a 3-5 year strategic plan make sure you engage with Changing Times. No business is too small or too large to benefit from our insightful partnership. Business coaching, mentoring of key staff and facilitation of internal & client meetings are key services on offer. Email us today to discuss your needs or call us on 0402 335755.

Business coaching and mentor services at shared offices

With new economies and business disruptions come opportunities. Although shared offices are nothing new the growth in this sector has been impressive. With start-up businesses, not just the tech sector, the new breed of entrepreneur comes with passion and desire to change the world. However some lack business experience and haven't managed a budget, recruitment or how to market their new venture. This is where Changing Times can help. Our rounded business knowledge can be used to fill in the blanks. Whether you need assistance in preparing the business plan for the bank, budgeting, putting together a marketing strategy or even customer service modelling we can deliver. So whatever the size o

I don't need a business coach.......

Okay I have to admit the picture chosen is because my wife loves to sew. In fact we, that's the royal we, probably have enough material in her 'sewing room' to open a shop! The problem for SME's (Small to Medium Enterprises) is that they generally don't have the right or enough resources to quickly solve issues and look at the bigger picture. Changing Times offers affordable business coaching for companies of all sizes from the owner operator to 100+ employee operations. Experience gained in running a successful business travel company for 16 years allows us to help you on real life aspects of a P&L. We also know the importance of cash-flow management, sales & marketing, social media, the im

Sharing economy........ Uber

At a recent ACTE / CAPA global conference in Sydney I mentioned to the audience at one of my sessions that I had signed up to Uber to check-out their 'onboarding ' process. Quite a number of people came to see me afterwards and asked me about it and why I had done this. If business travellers were to accept the sharing economy I thought it was a good idea to see for myself what checks are in place. I have used Uber (and Airbnb) many times before so I did go into this with a positive attitude. Putting that to one side I found the process totally efficient, thorough and straight-forward. Using the online system Uber asks for personal details (to verify you are who you say you are), completes a

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