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Retail in-store v online

It's fair to say you can buy almost anything online today. So why do some of the traditional bricks & mortar businesses continue to survive and grow? As a high street seller (let's use that term for ease understanding) It is so important that you are offering a unique product, knowledge or unsurpassed service. Otherwise cost is the single deciding factor. Benefits of selling face-to-face are well known as its easier to up-sell, have impulse buying and harder for a buyer to compare prices. Online sellers have multiple benefits like being open all hours, a vastly greater audience, less stock holding requirements, lower store costs and opportunity for outsourcing customer service & delivery to

Executive Mentor

Taking that next big step in your career is a bold move. Whether you are aiming for an internal promotion or taking on an exciting challenge at a new organisation there are hurdles you need to overcome. Our executive mentor program evaluates your personal brand, prepares you for the challenges, formulates the plan of action so you make a positive impact from day one. A structured approach to ensuring that your career delivers on your personal goals and objectives. Contact us for a confidential discussion or check out our website

Strategic meeting, training & motivation facilitation

From initial discussions of your expectations and objectives we will prepare and deliver an amazing interactive session for you whether it's for your sales team, account management, customer service team or other teams within the organisation. We have delivered positive meetings and round-table sessions for C level and senior management groups. Managing a complex team can be difficult and by using our external fresh approach you will gain a greater result. Not the standard boring environment Depending on your objectives, maybe a new product launch or even a client round-table focus group, Changing Times will develop new and exciting structure and deliver. Don't let your next team meeting or

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