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Looking ahead.....

Changing Times wishes all our clients and future clients a very healthy and prosperous New Year. Although our business only started three months ago we have been amazed by the interest and diverse work. Whether you are looking for a mentor, business coach, conference moderator or trainer please check-out our services. As we come to the close of 2016 enjoy the festive season and NYE. Take time to reminisce on your happy memories of this year. Then...... look forward to 2017 as that's where we are going......

New Year...... new goals, new ideas

We see the new year as a time to review many aspects of our life. One area that generally receives focus is our career. How can we improve our salary, gain promotion, make a move or grow our own business. Maybe you have a fantastic business idea and want to start a new venture....... however you don't have experience in running a business. If you are looking to make 2017 your year for decisive and positive action then contact us for support. Our mentor and business coaching services could be that extra 1% to help you succeed. Have a very healthy and wealthy 2017.

Hotel and the sharing economy....

I was intrigued when I saw an article about a hotel in London engaging with the sharing economy rather than running scared. I spoke with Robert Holland, Regional Operations Manager at Bespoke Hotels to gain a better insight. The new initiative only began at the start of November and it has started small to test the idea before planning to ramp it up in January. The hotel is near to London Bridge and has a very loyal corporate following. The hotel has always prided itself on being a part of the community that is Bermondsey Street. Robert had read many alarmist pieces in the press about how the sharing economy would erode their business but he discussed the initiative with his team and decided

Mystery shoppers.....relevant today?

Many years ago when I was a travel agent in the UK we couldn't wait to receive the weekly travel trade magazine. Apart from the news (pre-web days I add!!) there were two other sections you always wanted to check out; 1) Jobs - even though you might not be looking for a new job you wanted to see what was going on. 2) The mystery shopper page - hoping that the secret shopper hadn't been in your agency. Always a relief when you saw they'd been in a Lunn Poly shop in Luton where the welcome, service, knowledge and lack of sales skill gave them a score of 3 out of 10. So does the mystery shopper have a place today? I decided to delve into the dark side and signed up with a mystery shopping compa

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