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Awesome event

We were very proud to moderate two sessions at this weeks ACTE/ CAPA Global Travel event in Sydney. The first session related to corporate travel negotiating and managing their hotel programs. Very informative and experienced panel of hotel, long-stay apartment and travel management company (TMC) professionals shared their insight and advice to a room full of travel managers. The second session was presenting and discussing a white paper sponsored by Qatar Airways about the evolution of airline contracting. This document delivered excellent results for airlines and travel managers alike to see what are the key areas of concern and opportunity. For more details please check-out the ACTE websi


Our facilitator will ensure your meeting, seminar, focus group or client event runs smoothly. Allow us to manage the program and allow you and your team to fully benefit. We can even organise whole event including flights, hotels, conference facilities and guest speakers if needed.

Executive Mentor

Taking that next big step in your career is a bold move. Whether you are aiming for an internal promotion or taking on an exciting challenge at a new organisation there are hurdles you need to overcome. Our executive mentor program evaluates your personal brand, prepares you for the challenges, formulates the plan of action so you make a positive impact from day one. A structured approach to ensuring that your career delivers on your personal goals and objectives.


Whether you are looking to change roles, careers or make a charge for an internal promotion it can be a scary time. ​ Use our mentor program to help you have clear focus on where you can maximise your career and opportunities. ​ Through insightful discussions we will look at your personal brand, skill-set, market conditions and put together a clear plan. ​ Each mentor program is individual to suit you, your expectations and your career. ​ Call us today, we are your unfair advantage, 0402 335755 or email

Training & motivation

From initial discussions of your expectations and objectives we will prepare and deliver an amazing training session for you whether it's for your sales team, account management, customer service team or other teams within the organisation. We have provided sales and customer service to industries ranging from online travel companies to companies selling pavers to local councils! Not the standard boring environment Depending on your objectives, maybe a new product launch or even a client round-table focus group, Changing Times will develop new and exciting structure and deliver. Don't let your next training be another where your team roll their eyes and say "How unrealistic is this role-play

Business coach

Being a business owner can be awesome and scary at the same time. Changing Times can help you with various aspects of your business, marketing, online sales, cash flow, social media or many other key areas. Call on our skills to help you realise your dreams & goals.

All change........

Time to change jobs? Need a new direction? If you are looking for a new role, going for an internal promotion or maybe starting your own business make sure you consider our services. Our mentor and business coaching programs are perfect to help you make the most out of your career and dreams. Don't delay as 2017 is almost here. #recruitment #newjob

Partnership with the best travel recruitment company

We are extremely proud to announce the following unique partnership. There is a real need for candidates who are looking to change roles and enhance their careers to benefit from the best recruitment advice and a confidential mentor. This is why Changing Times and AA Appointments have come together to offer a complete service. ​ AA Appointments is Australia’s leading travel and hospitality recruitment specialists and as a value add to their candidates, they have partnered with Changing Times to offer mentoring services. Changing Times has vast travel industry expertise and offers coaching and mentoring to individuals to help them build their career. Especially if someone is looking to c

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