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Travel management in the new world

Most businesses will require you to travel at some stage of the year. It might just be a single trip each year to attend your franchise seminar or you may have sales, account management and technicians travelling every week. Either way you have to get the best value for each and every trip. I don't know of any company that completes a pre-trip assessment of the ROI on the cost of each trip their employees take. Yes there might be forms to complete before travel is booked to list all costs and details of the clients or prospects you are visiting however a detailed ALL cost (including time away from other responsibilities, if relevant) and expected income benefit is not looked at. Maybe it wou

Changing Times is launched

We are pleased to announce our new and exciting business is up and running - Changing Times. Our services will assist companies, small and large, to meet the ever changing business environment they have to face every day. With over 16 years of business management in Australia we provide insight into running and growing a company. All areas of the business are covered including sales, client retention, employee retention, rebranding, marketing with new technology & social media in fact all aspects of growing a business are covered. Business coaching and mentoring will be a massive advantage to you and your company, in fact an unfair advantage. The online competitive world has taken all busine

My business is too small to benefit from a business coach.......

Okay I have to admit the picture chosen is because my wife loves to sew. In fact we probably have enough material in her 'sewing room' to open a shop! The problem for SME's (Small to Medium Enterprises) is that they generally don't have enough resources to quickly solve issues and look at the bigger picture. There are great support opportunities for SME owners like The SME Association of Australia (SMEA) and now with Changing Times there is an additional cost effective option. Changing Times offers affordable mentoring for companies of all sizes from the owner operator to 100+ employee operations. Experience gained in running Voyager Travel for 16 years allows us to help you on real life asp

Retail in-store v online

It's fair to say you can buy almost anything online today. So why do some of the traditional bricks & mortar businesses continue to survive and grow? As a high street seller (let's use that term for ease understanding) It is so important that you are offering a unique product, knowledge or unsurpassed service. Otherwise cost is the single deciding factor. Benefits of selling face-to-face are well known as its easier to up-sell, have impulse buying and harder for a buyer to compare prices. Online sellers have multiple benefits like being open all hours, a vastly greater audience, less stock holding requirements, lower store costs and opportunity for outsourcing customer service & delivery to

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